Souk is a furniture design studio based in Chennai that crafts both contemporary and reproduced bespoke pieces of furniture, and also sources artefacts and vintage furniture from around the world. They also specialise in designing home interiors.​​​​​​​
They approached Mad About Design, a digital design studio in Bangalore, to redesign their catalog site. My role was to develop and translate Souk’s brand identity for this website. One of the most critical parts of this exercise was to ensure that all three offerings of this design studio can be seen right upfront when someone visits this website.
Drawing from this requirement, when someone lands on this website, the first thing that you notice are these three offerings, as well as a navigation system that immediately lets the customer choose the option that they prefer.
Souk’s logo is in gold and has a playful set of serif letterforms. Most of the design elements were inspired by this. Gold has been used against various greys across the website. The typefaces used are Lora and Montserrat, a rounded serif and san-serif combination, much like the classical contemporary furniture pieces seen on this website.​​​​​​​
Both the Store and Studio Souk are product-based offerings, while Projects is a portfolio of all the homes that the experienced team at Souk has helped create over the years. Therefore, in terms of the overall design interface, both Store and Studio Souk function like a catalogue with an option for the customer to write to Souk if they would like to enquire about a specific product.​​​​​​​
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