Using the keywords identified from the brief – memory, connection, narrative and science – we came up with the concept Diverse Stories. In my interviews with the team at Archives, the following aspects stood out.

1. An archive is the preserver and enabler of diverse stories. It can take one thread of thought and weave it through many others, finding many connections, perspectives, and new ways of seeing.

2. Institutional archives are typically not very diverse in their collections. STEM suffers from a lack of diversity. The Archives at NCBS is different in that regard, it intends to facilitate diversity.

3. The team at Archives have been working on ideas around its identity even before I joined to assist. One such thought was around a symbol that can hold multiple meanings. They noticed that Ampersand and Treble Clef were constructed in the same manner, yet their forms had two diverse meanings depending on their context.

This concept was more purposeful and made space for a distinct identity for the Archives at NCBS.
The new logo was tested across various touch points – posters, website. social media pages, merchandise, and so on
These were the various forms explored for  & + a
Colour palette developed for the brand identity system
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